W. Tell
Race Orcs
Teams The Fancy Lads

All-Stars II

Position Thrower
Squad Number 08
Seasons Season I - Season III
Status Active
Calibur Star


W. Tell, short for Walafrihd Tell, became the premier thrower for The Fancy Lads after the restructuring between Seasons I and II invloved the dismissal of his previous partner, Apollo.  W. Tell was first recruited to The Fancy Lads by team owner houlio when, on a tour of his alpaca farms, then alapaca-whisperer W. Tell threw one such animal over an entire river valley in order to return the creature to its pasture more efficiently.  Liking that kind of gumption, houlio signed W. Tell on The Fancy Lads on the spot.


Tell had a rather uneventful career at the league's outset, besides setting a penchant for the occasional wild ball-passing antics that would become a signature part of The Fancy Lads' play.  He did separate himself out from teh rest of the bunch, and he was selected as the unofficial team captain.

W. Tell's Season II performance was a major component in The Fancy Lads' dominance on the pitch during regular games.  Along with teammates Danforth and George, W. Tell prototyped a new kind of pitch-play that was later adopted by Selene's Seductive Strut in Season III.  W. Tell was selected to play on the Division B All-Star Team.  Despite the record-setting Season II play by W. Tell, he and other famous Lads players were unable to beat the Hellbug's Heroes in the first round of the playoffs.

Coming back to Season III, The Fancy Lads continued the long-held League tradition of beating the Red Sabres in the first game of the season.  However, after the death of George in the Season II playoffs, W. Tell became a significantly larger target for trickery and espionage by other teams before going into many match's, leading to several sloppy games.  Despite this, Tell was again voted into playing with the Divison B All-Star team.  Around this time due to several region-wide riots and at least one popular revolution threatening the economic base of the team itself, houlio was unable to lead The Fancy Lads as he had in the past, leaving players like W. Tell to lead by example.  As of right now, W. Tell is eager to finally bring The Fancy Lads to victory in the playoff finals, especially over the the Heroes, who not only knocked The Fancy Lads out of their Season II playoff run, but also killed fellow teammate George.

By houlio