The Reptile Alliance
Owner SpikeSolo
Race Lizardmen
Debut Season Season III
Last Season -
Team Motto Reptiles Without a Cause
Team Colours Blue and Green

The Reptile Alliance started Season III with ambition, buying in several free agents from the Cretaceous Crushers and RAWR to give them an unusually experienced bench. Much attention was garnered by the return of Season I's star skink ReAngelo, although he proved a disappointment on the pitch, and it was suggested by Crow that he was abusing his status to win MVP awards. Arguably the team's best investment, however, was rookie Skink Leia Organa, who did most of the legwork. The team suffered in mid-season, though, after abandonment by their manager and the death of veteran Saurus Acedia. Ultimately, they would finish the lowest-placed of any of the Lizardmen teams in Season III.


Coaching StaffEdit

  • R2-D2-MD2 - Apothecary