The Invisible Assassin
Owner ybot
Race Dark Elves
Debut Season Season III
Last Season -
Team Motto The assassin will never be found
Team Colours -
There were high hopes for The Invisible Assassin, who were owned by one of the league's founding coaches and captained by the impressive Season I veteran Edrad "The Stepdad" Oril. Unfortunately, rather like the Shadow Dancers before them, they were orphaned early in their development and ended up struggling to field a full team within a few weeks of the season's start. With injuries to key players mounting, they were unable to forge any sort of consistency and rapidly fell out of the reckoning for playoff contention. They kept the best for last, though, and achieved an ultimate underdog victory over Rampage! in the final week of play to help deny the Norse team a playoff spot of their own.

None of the members of the team has been seen since the end of the season, but then most of them weren't visible during it either.