Race Vampire
Teams The Bloodknights

All-Stars III

Position Thrall
Squad Number 06
Seasons Season III
Status Dead
Calibur Experienced

Squire to the infamously difficult-to-manage Konrad "ze Krazy" von Duneheim, he was one of the key players on the Bloodknights' roster despite his lowly status, with duties ranging from supporting Konrad in the Grintoof Derby, where Konrad was only eliminated after Squire passed out from blood loss, to taking Konrad's medication when the vampire remembered he was supposed to be on any at all.

Squire's death, and that of his cousin so soon afterwards, has led to speculation about a possible attempt to wipe out the family. The Bloodknights mourned his loss:

"For a mere Thrall he showed so much potential, skill, and overall sportsmanship. His locker room discipline will be sorely missed. We'll be lighting a funeral pyre commemorating his short league career, and what could have been, for the Bloodknights' one and only Squire.

In any event, the Bloodknights will push on from this tragedy. As of such we will be drafting yet another member of Squire's family, as is tradition, and hire the Thrall, Knight, Squire's older brother, and hopefully avoid another tragedy such as this one." - Tychris1