Over the course of the league, various owners have set up regular (or irregular) journals to report on the progress of their team or just to comment on the league in general:

General journalismEdit

Spike! Magazine - Crow

Game of the Week Preview - Crow

Sports Night - Oh My God

KO! Magazine - Aedilred

Orca-Cola Weekly Magazine - docnessuno

Radio Bash Bash and Groupies' Corner - Leriel

The Triple-S Times - Crow

Carpe Noctem! - Tychris1

From the Desk of Big "Wig" Johnson - Tastier

From the Tomb! - kurokotetsu

Gray(tail) Apothecary's - Leriel

Jah'Navi's Scout Report - Tastier

Entropy Time - Leriel

Badenhof Broadcasting Corporation: Channel 5 (Live) - Aedilred

Murder! - Crow

A Song of Blood and Bones - Tastier

Cretaceous Periodical - The Tyrantis

The Crooked Peak Chronicler - Clarkson

Untitled Ironic News Source - NobodyMuch

Gutter Press - Delia2531

Season ReportsEdit

Bow-ties, Soirees and Blood Bowl

The Sabreur

Iron Giants Mid-Season Report


Plague's Report

BEERd Mid-Season Report

Rampage! Quarterly Report

Hellbug's Heroes Quarterly Report

Green IS Your Enemy Quarterly Report

The Johnnys' Season Retrospective