Shadow Dancers
Owner Halyat
Race Dark Elves
Debut Season Season I
Last Season Season I
Team Motto -
Team Colours Navy and Silver

In pre-season of Season I, the Shadow Dancers, or to give them their full name, The Inscrutable Shadow Dancers Whose Graceful Darkness Shimmers Beneath The Cold Moonlight Where You're Getting Murdered, looked one of the more promising teams around, and attracted a lot of betting money. Whether they were bribed by Goblin Gambling or not, the team proved a great frustration to many observers, as they drew their first three matches and lost two of the next three.

While blessed with a couple of outstanding players, most notably runner Tony Hesperaxian, who lit up the All-Stars match, and blitzer Edrad "The Stepdad" Oril, the Dancers suffered from a hands-off management that all too often saw the team turn up with a bench full of journeymen. Over the course of the season, the team used no fewer than forty stand-ins, and their performance, fanbase and revenues collapsed as a result.

When they were on form, though, the Dancers proved that early confidence had not been entirely misplaced, as they pulled off upset victories over teams like the Shambling Horde at the start of the season, and the Stinky Feets at the end, finally drawing with Rampage! to win a playoff berth on a wild card, against all the odds. That was as far as the Dancers would get, as they were obliterated by the Styx Rivermen in a first-round walkover and disbanded following the defeat. Edrad "the Stepdad" Oril was later hired by The Invisible Assassin in Season III.



  • Sebastian Janikillski
  • Molag Ball
  • Rajj Evaine
  • Stryfe Witchblade the Xth
  • Xharian Foster
  • Brett Darknessbringer
  • Edrad "The Stepdad" Oril
  • Khayne the Eternal Bloodwhisper
  • Tony Hesperaxian
  • Lord Malyss the Thrice-Tormented