Race Norse
Teams Rampage!

All-Stars I All-Stars II All-Stars III Nature's Guardians

Position Thrower
Squad Number 08
Nicknames Lightning!

Big Sess

Seasons Season I - Season IV
Status Active
Calibur Superstar

"I always thought Sessrumnir was the best rushing player in the league..." - Crow

Although his contract said "thrower", Sessrumnir was never much of one for letting go of the ball. Instead he and his famously sure hands forged a reputation at the speartip of a fearsome Rampage! side which won their first six matches in a row and confirmed the top spot in Division B at almost the earliest point possible.

Considered by many the league's leading rushing player, he topped the rushing charts in his first season, but was slightly overshadowed in his second by arrivals like Göndul and Lupus "Patches". The team policy of resting its top players in the final weeks before the playoffs also contributed to a relatively unmemorable statistical performance. On the pitch, though, he remained as good as ever, pairing up with catcher Niflheimr to form perhaps the league's most formidable scoring combination, known by the fans before the season was out as "Lightning and Thunder". Although the team never met with much success in the playoffs, Sessrumnir nevertheless remained their outstanding player in both the thrilling overtime loss to the Trees in the first season and the defeat to the Red Sabres in the second, at points during which it appeared Sessrumnir was playing the Sabres on his own.

The third season saw something of a return to form, and he was again nominated for the Division B All-Star team, becoming one of only three players (along with Niflheimr and Fredo D. Stefani) to appear in every All-Stars match. An undeniable superstar by season's end, he was regularly among the leading rushers and scorers throughout and might well have led the team to a playoff qualification had they not been abandoned by their coach.

With Rampage! having disbanded during the off-season after Season III, it was looking like Sessrumnir would find himself out of contract for Season IV. At the last moment, however, he was signed, along with Niflheimr, by Norse outfit Nature's Guardians, and celebrated his signing with two touchdowns in his debut for the new side.