The Season II All-Stars Match took place in Week 8 of Season II.

Division A 4 - 2 Division B

Lupus "Patches" (2)

Tirnen Thirgail (2)   

Morr E.N. Tezz (2)


Division A:

Coach: Oh My God

Division B:

Coach: Aedilred

Player selection and team managementEdit

Players were nominated by owners. Each owner received three votes per division, and could only vote for one of their own players. Each owner also voted for a coach from their own division.

Each player nominated received 2 free Star Player Points. Injuries suffered by players would be permanent where appropriate, unless healed by an apothecary during the match.

Since more than sixteen players were nominated for Division B, two nominated players (L.N. Rickman and Mrs. Scaggs) were cut.

Each team received 4 Gameplan points to spend before the match, and $500,000 in inducement money. Coaches also selected a "play style" for their team.