Race Goblin
Teams Da Gabooms

All-Stars I

Triple-S (Coach)

Position Pogoer
Squad Number 4
Seasons Season I
Status Retired
Calibur Veteran

When Bloodbowl fans sit back and discuss the greatest rushing threats to grace the GitP Cup, rarely does the conversation turn to goblins. However, in its inaugural season, the Cup got to see one of the best to play the game. Quicky, a pogoer for the league's only goblin team, Da Gabooms, was that team's go-to ballcarrier for the better part of his sole season in the league. While playing for a team that was looked upon as a joke by its Cup peers, Quicky managed to rack up rushing totals that exceeded those of Cup greats F.A.S.T. Gonzalo, and Tom Gravy. A surprisingly legitimate scoring threat, Quicky's ability to not only move the ball, but to punch it into the endzone, allowed his team to win games against Necromantic and Nurgle teams, while drawing against Dark Elf and Lizardman teams which were in playoff contention at the time. After Da Gabooms disbanded following the first season, Quicky took a season off, and then took up coaching. As of this writing, Quicky is the offensive coordinator for the Underworld team Selene's Seductive Strut.