Max Saravia
Race Human
Teams Iron Giants

All-Stars II

Triple-S (Coach)

Position Lineman
Squad Number 07
Nicknames Mad Max
Seasons Season II
Status Staff
Calibur Veteran

Max's career started brightly, with an interception and a kill, to make him one of the defensive stars of the early portion of Season II and a shoo-in for the All-Stars match. As the Iron Giants faded later in the season, though, Max found his career opportunities drying up, and the training regimen prescribed by his coaches limited the impact his experience could have on the pitch. In the words of Sports Night when making their nominations for Defensive Player of the Year:

"We wish we could give the nod to the Iron Giants' Max Saravia for his game changing interception from early in the season, but unfortunately... he's followed a training regime which will consign the poor fellow to the dustbin of history. Dirty Players have fallen far in usability since the days of classic Get the Ref! and massive bonuses on damage. Beyond that, the players never seem to know quite when to stick the boot in as they pass up golden chances to foul excellent targets about as often as they jam up rookies and get ejected without causing an injury. And then there's the ever odious [improved armour]. We're hoping this guy gets cut from the Giants' roster next year."

As things transpired, the Giants returned to the little leagues for Season III, passing up a GITP league berth, and Max instead joined Selene's Seductive Strut in a coaching capacity as a defensive consultant.