Owner Steilos
Race Khorne Daemons
Debut Season Season II
Last Season Season II
Team Colours Dark Red and Black

MAIM KILL BURN had a slow start to their league career, opening on a bye week, but recovered from that to lose a scrappy match to Hellbug's Heroes, and to overcome the Iron Giants in subsequent games. Unfortunately, they were unable to deliver on their early promise, and the Giants win was followed by only one more, albeit a major upset over defending cup champions the Red Sabres. MKB can also claim the honour of having been the team to inflict the injury that ultimately ended Morr E.N. Tezz's career, in the course of that famous victory.

Although the team was notoriously difficult to gain access to - at least for any journalists who valued their lives - it was reported during the season that original owner and head coach Steilos had been killed and sacrificed in a player coup, with Carlos Francis taking over a management role. CABALvision also ran a report on the team at the start of the season, which is reprinted below.

With their only source of funding apparently having been murdered by the team themselves, MKB disbanded at the end of Season II.

CABALvision ReportEdit

"Helloooo Bowl fans! I'm Jim, and I'm introducing the Khornate team that'll light the pitch alight! Literally. You uh, may want to put some water on that."

"Good one, Jim. The team name comes from the team captain. We... don't actually know what the team name is, but that's what the supporters and the captain screams so we'll just go with that. The families of the 20 reporters that died to bring you these figures have not been informed so let me take the moment to say that little Timmy Harvor? Your daddy isn't coming back and no, he isn't in a better place. Jim?"

"Well, Bob, let me just say that you are a terrible person and should feel ashamed for yourself. That out of the way, these firecrackers play PHYSICAL. It's doubtful they even know what a ball is! Passing is not something they really go for and in friendlies they scored a bunch of 0-0 draws that they put down as victories because everyone in the stadium died. Should be a real treat to see them in action, Bob."

"Thanks, Jim. By the way? One of the reporters was your wife."


"Stay crunchy, folks!"

"Oh, god... my poor Mary..."


Coaching StaffEdit

  • The Immortal Tortured Soul of John Madden - Specialist in Begging for the Sweet Release of Death, also Tactics
  • The Butcher - Apothecary