Race Necromantic
Teams Patched Plagues

All-Stars II

Position Werewolf
Squad Number 01
Nicknames Patches
Seasons Season II
Status Retired
Calibur Star

One half of the Patched Plagues' double-headed werewolf duo that took the end zone by storm in Season II, Lupus enjoyed one of the best seasons of any rookie in league history. As the season wore on he found himself in competition with Tirnen Thirgail for the title of best rookie, and although Topper was to win the statistical battle in touchdowns and star player points, it was Lupus who got most of the plaudits. One of the best rushing players to set foot on a pitch in the league, his 830 yards in Season II remains a league record, despite playing for a team which often strugged to deliver the ball reliably.

Following the disbanding of the Patched Plagues, Lupus was elected to the Hall of Fame and subsequently disappeared from public view. He was next heard of when he was reluctantly persuaded to assist Meredith Gray(tail) and her posse in using his tracking skills to locate Leriel, after being told the coach had gone mad and was planning to remove him from the Hall of Fame.