Jumpy Longears
Race Wood Elf
Teams The Trees

The Johnnys' Quest

Position Wardancer
Squad Number 08
Nicknames The Fast
Seasons Season I,

Season III - Season IV

Status Free Agent
Calibur Star Player

Jumpy Longears is a Wood Elf Wardamcer hired by The Trees way back in Season I. She was badly injured during the Trees final game, but it seems rumors of Ms. Longears' death were greatly exaggerated. After a season and a half in recovery she's back on pitch no worse for wear, this time under the banner of The Johnnys' Quest.

Jumpy's "Death"Edit

Aedilred: In the interests of transparency, I was updating some records on the wiki - specifically the list of dead players - when I noticed a name on the list I wasn't expecting. Jumpy was "killed" in the playoff semifinal of the first season, which was the last match the Trees played. Ybot decided to retire the team after the match, so didn't update the roster, and since the results thread has since been refreshed, there's no indication anywhere on the thread that she was deceased. I did have a vague recollection that one of the Trees wardancers had been killed, but didn't bother to check which and just assumed that TJQ had hired a live one. Since none of the three people who were in a reasonable position to notice the discrepancy did until now, and Jumpy has played a few games, I guess we chalk this up as a miracle of Nuffle.