Joe Nar Law Muu
Race Human
Teams Red Sabres
Position Ogre
Squad Number 14
Seasons Season I
Status Journal Staff
Calibur Veteran

"Dey's gonna smash!"

- Joe Nar Law Muu, In his Sports Night debut

A mid-season signing, Joe's arrival as a blocker was one of the key factors in turning around the Sabres' disastrous Season I and leading them to their cup triumph. Joe suffered an injury in the final itself, which, together with his hefty pay packet, proved enough to see him cut from the team for the start of Season II. Although it was widely anticipated that Joe might be signed as a free agent, he announced his retirement during the off-season. He eventually took up a role as pitch-side reporter for Sports Night, where his keen insight into team form was a great asset to the show and made him a fan favourite.