Iron Giants
Owner Captain Obvious
Race Human
Debut Season Season II
Last Season Season II
Team Motto -
Team Colours Grey and Blue


The underdogs of Season II, the Iron Giants have no professional experience whatsoever. They started in a small and obscure town as a Blood Bowl club. From a fan club, it slowly transformed into an amateur Blood Bowl team, complete with a grizzled coach, John Smith. Slowly but surely, they rose through the ranks, easily dominating the amateur scene in their district. Then one of the players had a bright idea: "Why not try for the cup?" Everyone jumped on the bandwagon to much protestation from John Smith.

So here they stand, ready to take part in the first game of the season.


  • Darren Dipalma
  • Ted Seabury
  • Kelly Breitenstein
  • Lonnie Ruggeri
  • James Look
  • Kurt Axelrod
  • Hugh Menz
  • Clayton Zucco
  • Maggrat
  • Max Saravia
  • Darren Galaviz
  • Fred Johns
  • Javier Rockefeller
  • Admund the Willing