Hometown Heroollrggh
Owner Sennex
Race Nurgle
Debut Season Season I
Last Season Season I
Team Motto Blood Bowl fever- contract it!
Team Colours Yellow and Pink

The Heroes started their only season with a small but talented squad, and relied heavily on journeymen from the outset. Despite an upset in Week 3 over the much-fancied Shambling Horde, the team did not meet with success, and that would prove their only victory.

Over the course of the season, many of their players fell victim to minor injuries and lack of active management meant these players never returned to the front line. The team failed to attract fans and any gate money they did receive seemed to vanish before making into the coffers. They finished bottom of Division A, with the lowest points total and fewest wins of any team, a record that remained unbroken during Season II. The team disbanded at the end of Season I, but their league licence was acquired by the Hellbug, who renamed the team after himself and refounded it as Hellbug's Heroes.



  • Most Valuable Plaguer
  • Skinless Steve
  • The Ooze
  • Trashcan Man
  • Anthrax the Aardvark
  • Cap'n Trips
  • Pan Transmuting
  • Two-Backed Beast