Helmut Wulf
Helmut Wulf
Race Human
Teams Red Sabres

KKkk-ssss RAWR
Die Valkyrie
Bad Badenhof Bats

Position Star Loony
Squad Number Various
Seasons -
Status -
Calibur Star Player

An old-fashioned Blood Bowl star, Helmut made his first appearance in the league at the behest of the Red Sabres, who were desperately in need of some experience and a professional example. Wulf soon made his presence felt by chopping down Trees treeman Oak to help the Sabres to a first victory. He went on to form a lasting association with the human side and turned out for them on so many occasions that it seemed almost unthinkable he could play for anyone else. He trained briefly with RAWR, but they were ultimately unable to afford his match fee.

In the Season I cup semifinal, Sabres assistant coach Lou E. van Gall controversially benched Helmut for the entire match, leaving him to watch as the Sabres stormed to victory over The Trees without him, and leading to suggestions that there was some disagreement between the star and the team management.

Rumours of a rift between Helmut and the Sabres were exacerbated when he was hired by Die Valkyrie for their Season II match against his former associates. Sabres captain N. Senn Ricky was apparently so enraged at Wulf's treachery in turning out for their opponents that he nearly killed him in the opening phase of the match, and only through the urgent intervention of the Valkyries' apothecary was Helmut's life saved.

Helmut now owns two large mansions thanks to his 'A little off the top, me Lord?' commercial for the 'Ye Olde Barbershop' franchise. He summers in the Border Principalities, and holes up for the winter in Lustria. Helmut keeps busy and close to these expensive properties by hiring himself out to any of the local teams near his current homestead even if it means sharing blood baths with the vampires in the summer and bashing heads with the Lizardmen in the winter.[1]

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