Green IS Your Enemy
Owner docnessuno
Race Orcs
Debut Season Season II
Last Season Season II
Team Motto Smasha Time!
Team Colours Green and Red

Starting with a formidable line-up including several former Fancy Lads players, GIYE looked like a promising prospect at the start of Season II. Over the course of the season, however, they were frustratingly inconsistent, failing to deliver any real string of wins. GIYE were able to defeat opponents of the calibre of Rampage!, Die Valkyrie and the Red Sabres, and held The Johnnys' Quest to a draw, while losing matches to struggling underdogs the Iron Giants and Tinwë United. Nevertheless, they did just enough to remain in contention for a playoff spot until the final week, when they were unceremoniously dumped out of the cup race by The Fancy Lads.

Finishing the season with 15 points, GIYE were eligible for the Crud! Cup, but the team had already functionally disbanded, and their place in the cup match was taken by BEERd.


  • Vels of Clan Manaka
  • Donnar of Clan Hel
  • Kul of Clan Tergoth
  • Karn of Clan Manaka
  • Groth of Clan Tergoth
  • Kothkah
  • Sargok
  • Rraag'nar
  • Krun
  • Ar-Tek
  • B'alam Nak
  • De'zicrah
  • Dor of Clan Manaka
  • Uthanak
  • Norbert
  • Leslie
  • Heathecliff
  • Mokbad