Goblin Gambling are the local syndicate. They offer odds on most upcoming Blood Bowl matches. They have been accused of being a bunch of swindlers, fixing matches and the like, but nothing was ever proved.


To place a bet, declare what team you're betting on and the amount of the bet. Then, immediately deduct that amount from your treasury. Petty cash (inducement money) may not be used to place bets. You may wager up to G50,000 on any match and there is no limit on the number bets you can place. However, you may not place a bet if it would reduce you treasury to less than G0.

If the team you bet on wins the match, add the payoff amount to your treasury. If the match was a draw, the goblins return your bet. If your chosen team loses then you get nothing- the goblins keep your money.


Odds can be given in various formats. The following statements are all equivalent:

  • 1.5 to 1 Team A
  • 3 to 2 Team A
  • 1.5:1 Team A

Determining an Amount to BetEdit

Plug these values into the following equations:

  • 'a' is the larger number in the odds, typically written on the left side.
  • 'b' is the smaller number in the odds, typically written on the right
  • 'c' is the net winnings,the winnings less the initial bet
  • 'x' is the amount of the bet

I want to bet [amount], how much would I win?Edit

$ \begin{align} c&=(a-b)*x/b \end{align} $

I want to win [amount], how much should I bet?Edit

$ \begin{align} x&=c*b/(a-b) \end{align} $