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This is a wiki for the Blood Bowl Fantasy League run on the Giant in the Playground forums. The League was founded by Crow in 2012.

The history of the League is recorded here, including all the record tables and season awards, along with information on teams, players and coaches past and present.

The Exhibition Tournament is starting!

This wiki is a communal resource for all members of the League. Please feel free to update and add pages for teams, players, journals, pictures, artwork, etc. If adding pages please link and/or categorize them so they can be found again!

For tips on how to create pages see the Community page.

Please be careful when editing any pages with rules, results or records on - if you accidentally delete or edit any then please let the commissioner or Aedilred know so that it can be fixed.

League History and RecordsEdit

Season I Season I Records

Season I Awards

Season II Season II Records

Season II Awards

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Season IV

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Season V

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Hall of Fame

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The ParticipantsEdit

List of Teams

List of Team Owners

List of Players (incomplete)

Coaching Staff

Sports Journalism

Rules and stuffEdit

League rules

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Free Agency

List of Rosters

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