Race Necromantic
Teams The Shambling Horde

All-Stars I

Position Werewolf
Squad Number 05
Seasons Season I
Status Inactive
Calibur Veteran

The first of the league's impressive werewolf players, GGGrrrrrr was the speartip of the Shambling Horde's near-unstoppable offence in the early part of Season I. Unfortunately, after a great start to his career, he was pushed by his coach into becoming a specialist catcher, which was disastrous, as he spent much of the rest of the season lurking downfield for a ball that never arrived, the Horde lacking any half-decent throwers. The team were orphaned soon afterwards, leaving GGGrrrrrr trying to run the Horde's offence by himself with lacklustre results. During the second half of the season, the Horde was poor, and GGGrrrrr faded from public view.

Despite the disappointing second half of his season, however, his early-season performances meant GGGrrrrrr remained one of the league's top rushers and his record stands up well against many of his rivals.