Fernand O.E. Arrow
Fernand O.E. Arrow
Race Human
Teams Red Sabres
Position Thrower
Squad Number 4
Seasons Season I - Season IV
Status Active
Calibur Superstar
Feats 27 passing completions

1102 rushing yards

Fernand was hired a few weeks into Season I, replacing the Sabres' ill-fated first thrower Jack N. Bauer. He soon established himself as one of the key members of the side, although for much of the first season he preferred to keep the ball in hand rather than pass it to one of his catchers.

In Season II he started to develop his throwing game, although by mid-season he was totally overshadowed by his glamorous colleague Morr E.N. Tezz, whose dexterity enabled him to play as the team's principal ballcarrier. This had unfortunate consequences, however, and when Tezz was cut after a series of boneheaded performances, Fernand returned to his habitual role.

In Season III he started as one of the league's top throwers, and kept pace with his more glamorous rivals at Die Valkyrie and The Johnnys' Quest in the completions leaderboard. By the end of the season, though, teams had identified him as the Sabres' key strategic weakness and were investing cash into nobbling him before the start of a game. In a critical match against the Johnnys, Fernand, suffering from a spiked drink, failed to recover the ball in time after a kick-off and ceded an immediate touchdown to an elf wardancer, in the first concession of a 4-0 loss that effectively doomed the Sabres' hopes of qualification for the playoffs.

For Season IV, owner Aedilred had come to the conclusion that the team needed cover for Fernand in case of injury or incapacity and hired understudy Karol P. Borsci, who almost immediately made his mark with an interception. Contrary to the management's fears, though, Fernand remained fit for almost the entire season, missing only one match through injury, and in the process became the league's all-time leader in completions.