Edrad "The Stepdad" Oril
Race Dark Elf
Teams Shadow Dancers

The Invisible Assassin

All-Stars III

Position Blitzer
Squad Number 02
Nicknames The Stepdad
Seasons Season I, Season III
Status Active
Calibur Veteran

It's probable the league never got to see the best of Edrad. A skilful and agile blitzer, he became de facto captain of the Shadow Dancers in Season I after the disappearance of their owner and led them to a surprise wild card berth, where they were duly destroyed by the Styx Rivermen. One of the few Dancers players to emerge from the season with any credit, he was picked up by the Invisible Assassin at the start of Season III, only for that team too to meet with abandonment.

Despite all that, he is generally regarded as a capable player ill-served by management, and retains a creditable statistical record.