Die Valkyrie
Owner Leriel
Race Amazons
Debut Season Season II
Last Season -
Team Motto -
Team Colours Black and Silver

Season II's Sexiest DishEdit

Die Valkyrie made their debut in Season II, under the direction of Leriel.  Leriel had a strong run with the Stinky Feets, which sadly ended in a disaterous defeat in the Cup final at the hands of the Red Sabres.  Facing a budgeting crisis which would have seen most of the Feets stars ($240,000 contract demands from one player alone!) cut, Leriel resigned and accepted a position at the up-and-coming amazon team's front office.

Things did not go well at first.  The amazons lost or drew in 6 of their first 8 matches, and the playoffs were only on the table due to some atrocious play on the part of the rest of Division A, which was firmly under the thumb of the Styx Rivermen.  Around this time, numerous Die Valkyrie players and cheerleaders were featured in the league's first photo calender schedule.  After it's publication, the team's play improved, and DV rattled off three wins in a row, becoming regarded as one of the league's most dangerous offensive teams, before losing their regular season closer.  This was enough to sqeak into the playoffs as a wild card, where they faced the Rivermen and were eliminated in the first round.  Despite the early playoff exit, DV had proven that they were as dangerous as any team in the league, and most certainly the sexiest.

Balance with the BallEdit

One of Die Valkyrie's distinguishing characteristics in league play is their balance on offense.  Under the leadership of amazon thrower Göndul, DV was just as likely to bash their way up the pitch and score as they were to sling the ball upfield to a receiver.  Göndul's position as the top passer of Season II tends to draw the media spotlight, and often leaves forgotten the fact that she ran in a considerable number of touchdowns on the ground.  This implementation of the Option in the league was not unique, but was certainly the most well-known and effective implementation of the time, and the first time a GitP League coach had actively pursued it's development in a team.