Da Gabooms
Owner jvluso
Race Goblins
Debut Season Season I
Last Season Season I
Team Motto Blargle margle Wheee!!
Team Colours Green and Brown

At the start of Season I, nobody gave Da Gabooms much of a chance. They were right not to. Although the goblins performed better than some might have expected, holding the Shadow Dancers to a draw in the first week, the overall weakness of their players and inability to deploy their secret weapons effectively left them struggling in almst every game.

The team did produce one outstanding player in Quicky, later inducted into the Hall of Fame for his rushing performance, and inflicted humiliating defeats on early-season powerhouse the Shambling Horde and, in their last match, Hometown Heroollrghh. It wasn't enough to see them to a playoff berth, though they didn't finish bottom of their division, which was something of a victory in itself. The team disbanded at the end of the season, although several of their players went on to join Underworld side Selene's Seductive Strut in Season III.

As the only managed team to miss the Season I playoffs, Da Gabooms were retrospectively awarded the Crud! Cup following its inauguration.