Crud Cup

The glorious trophy

The Crud! Cup is the League's lowest honor. The Crud! Cup is awarded to the best managed team that didn't make the playoffs - the best of the cruddy teams, as it were. If more than one non-orphaned team misses out on a playoff spot, the best two will contest a match for the cup, with the winner taking it home.

If there are no teams in a position to claim the Crud! Cup, it will return to its sacred shrine, entombed in the roots of the highest mountain in the land, until the day comes that it is once more called to the aid of some hopeless team.

The current holders of the Crud! Cup are the appropriately-named D.I.R.E.

Cup HistoryEdit

Season I Although the Cup was not inaugurated until Season II, it was awarded to Da Gabooms retrospectively for Season I, as the only managed team to miss the playoffs.

Season II

The cup was inaugurated in Season II. Since more than one managed team missed the playoffs, the cup was contested between them.

      Team A              Score Team B
      BEERd              1 - 2 The Johnnys' Quest

Season III

In Season III the Red Sabres were the only actively managed team to miss the playoffs at the end of the season and were awarded the cup by default.

Season IV

Team A Score Team B
    Blind Faith   1 - 0 Beyond Entropy

Season V

Team A Score Team B
Da Monsters of Da Midden 2 - 1 (a.e.t.) Murder Arson & Jaywalking

Season VI

Team A Score Team B
Treeman's Triumph 0 - 1           D.I.R.E          


  • The Crud! Cup grants a free 50,000 random inducement to the team that holds it in each regular season match.
  • The Crud! Cup doesn't have a cost, or add to a team's value.
  • The holder may loan out the Crud! Cup and use it in bargains with other coaches.
  • The cup's benefits endure until the end of the regular season following its award.