Cretaceous Crushers
Owner desertwalker
Race Lizardmen
Debut Season Season I
Last Season Season I
Team Motto -
Team Colours Purple and Gold

Perhaps better-known for the team-sponsored charity for the families of dead Blood Bowl players than for their match performances, the Crushers seemed to suffer from unusual bad luck regarding the health of their players, losing no fewer than five Saurus or Kroxigor to serious or fatal injuries over the course of the first season. Despite this, the team enjoyed a measure of success on the pitch, led by skink hero ReAngelo, and they were the first team to punch their ticket for the playoffs.

On reaching the playoffs, however, the Crushers, who fielded a team including several journeymen, paid the price for their lack of experience on the line and absentee management during the second half of the season, and were defeated by the Stinky Feets in a close match. The team disbanded at the end of Season I, although a few of their players went on to appear for The Reptile Alliance in Season III.


  • Animantarax
  • Avaritia
  • Gula
  • Invidia
  • Ira
  • Luxuria
  • Superbia
  • Acedia
  • Carnis
  • Mortem
  • Angelo
  • DiAngelo
  • MiAngelo
  • ReAngelo
  • ViAngelo
  • Tza-oatlhex
  • Uldashi
  • Iztatl
  • Xliuta