Followers of the Plague God Nurgle, these teams tend to be so disgusting as to be identifiable to other teams just from the smell. As such even the least observant of commentators can generally tell the difference between them and other Chaos teams.

Nurgle teams are a more specialized version of the Chaos team with some more expensive types of similar players, but with some cheap, injury prone linemen. They start off with Regenerate on most of the players, as well as the useful combination of Foul Appearance and Disturbing Presence. They are great at disrupting the passing game and are more resiliant than their Chaos counterparts. The team is slightly less strong overall, only having access to four players with Horns (though the difference is negligable) and the Warriors are less agile.

The cheap linemen in the guise of Rotters, however, differentiate the teams even more. They are great as cheap fodder and for putting in fouls as they are pretty expendable. Rotters also allow you to have a fairly deep bench to keep a full compliment of eleven players at kick-offs. You can't really rely on them staying around for long though, with decay they suffer badly when injured and unlike the rest of the team, they don't have regenerate and the teams can't hire an Apothecary.


  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Foul Appearance/Disturbing Presence
  • Regenerate


  • Expensive Rerolls
  • No Ball Handling Skills
  • Fairly Slow

Unsigned PlayersEdit

As of Season III, the only Nurgle teams to have signed up for the GITP league have been abandoned either before the season began or immediately afterwards. Some of those players are still hanging around like a bad smell. In fact they're probably the cause of the bad smell that's been hanging around the league.

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Most Valuable Plaguer Nurgle Warrior -
Skinless Steve Nurgle Warrior -
The Ooze Nurgle Warrior -
Trashcan Man Nurgle Warrior -
Anthrax the Aardvark Pestigor -
Cap'n Trips Pestigor -
Pan Transmuting Pestigor -
Two-Backed Beast Pestigor -

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to Nurgle teams, for some reason.

Name Cost
Max Spleenripper 130,000
Lewdgrip Whiparm 150,000
Brick Far'th and Grotty 290,000
Lord Borak the Despoiler 300,000
Grashnak Blackhoof 310,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Bilerot Vomitflesh 210,000
Borg'th n'hthrog 320,000
Dieter Hammerslash 170,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Slarga Fourstrike 200,000

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