A type of Undead team, most players on Necromantic teams are bodies, or bits thereof, animated by a necromancer and sent onto the pitch. They have been known to "recruit" from local mortuaries, cemeteries, and even from the ranks of their opponents, should a player be killed on the pitch.  Necromancers often recruit living, or at least less definitively dead, players, in the shape of werewolves and ghouls.

In the GITP league, Necromantic teams in the first three seasons have met with consistent success, so long as they remain managed. In each season, a Necromantic werewolf has been among the top players for touchdowns and rushing yards. Unfortunately, most of the Necromantic teams in the league to date have been abandoned by their owners, save for The Shadow, and as such have probably never delivered on their full potential.


Necromantic are the less-strong-more-speedy version of the Undead team. They have immoveable Golems instead of Mummies and sacrifice two of the Ghouls for Werewolves. Both player types are great - the Golems can really tie up players and slow down cages, as well as blocking paths against weaker teams; the Werewolves are more resilient than a Ghoul and are great Blitzers, taking out players regardless of their armor.

Amongst all the more hard-hitting teams, they are probably one of the worst at caging intially. They lack either the strength of the initial hitting skills that other teams of this type have. This may prove to be a challenge to deal with as perhaps their play style may involve more of a crossover to a faster running play than a more straightforward hitting style.


  • Lots of Regenerate
  • Cheap Linemen


  • No Ball Handling Skills
  • Expensive Rerolls

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following Necromantic players are believed to be in a fit state to play and are not currently on contract:

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
GGGrrrrrr Werewolf 6 Diving Catch
Lycan "Claws" Werewolf 20 Dodge, Side Step
Amateratsu Werewolf 31 Block, Dodge, Sure Hands -1 STR
Vánagandr Werewolf 6 Block
Corpsy Flesh Golem -
Ulfrick Neader Daad Flesh Golem -
George "Grafts" Flesh Golem 10 +1 STR
Frank "Stitch" Flesh Golem 0
Celia's Good Will Flesh Golem 6 Block
Frankie's Lame Copy Flesh Golem 2
Grizzly Wight -
Palewhite Wight -
Yogy "Consumption" Wight 4
Yan "Waits" Wight 6 Stand Firm
WW Wow Wight -
Mattheus Lichtenstein Wight 19 Guard, Dodge
Tavros "Argy" Ghoul 6 Leader
Solska "Bubonics" Ghoul -
Keiran Ghoul -
Al-gol Ghoul 6 Side Step -1 AV
Claw Ghoul 2
Talon Ghoul 14 Block
Gnaw Ghoul 12 Block
Common Sense Zombie -
Freshmeat Zombie -
Gravedanger Zombie -
Jeremy Zombie -
Jack N. Bauer Zombie -
Fodder 1 Zombie 9 Block
Fodder 3 Zombie 7 Block
Fodder 4 Zombie 5
Fodder 5 Zombie 0
Fodder 2 the Second Zombie 5
Narchan Tarchol Zombie 12 +1 MV
Other John Green Zombie 15 Kick
Ted Zombie -
Zed Zombie 5
Bed Zombie -
Alf Zombie 2
Ghra Zombie 13 Guard -1 STR
Mraa Zombie 5
Minion Zombie 7 Block

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to necromancers and their teams:

Name Cost
Hack Enslash 120,000
J. Earlice 180,000
Setekh 220,000
Wilhelm Chaney 240,000
Ramtut III 380,000
Count Luthor von Drakenbourg 390,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
"Rover" McKarloff 220,000
Cain 160,000
Frank N. Stein 190,000
Fritz Grunhof 170,000
Quietus Hades 140,000
Stefan Helmhand 150,000
Styff Simeon 150,000

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