Humans are one of the most numerous species around and have taken to Blood Bowl with much the same enthusiasm as everyone else. Although genetically human, Norse and Amazon players have their own teams, as do the Chaos Pact, whose teams are usually built around a core of human players. "Generic" human teams are usually, but not always, from the Old World, and although they may sound unexciting compared to their more exotic counterparts, they have produced some of the greatest sides, and players, of all time.


Human teams are the standard jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to Blood Bowl (as they seem to be in most things, to be fair). They are fairly fast, but not the fastest. They can beat up the weaker teams, but not the stronger ones. They can out pass the stronger teams but not the weaker ones. They have a fairly average cost on their players with an equally average stat line, though they have the advantage of starting with a lot of skills and have access to all the main skill groups.

As a result, this gives Humans a flexible play style. You have to be very adaptive in your game plan for a match and change your tactics to suit the opposition you are facing. If you try and out score the Skaven and Elvish teams in a shootout, chances are they will outdo you. If you try and out-bash some of the harder hitting teams, your players stand a good chance of eating mud.

The flipside, of course, is that Humans are able to change the way they can play during a game easier than some other teams. If you start off an offensive drive with a crumbling defense, you have the skills and players to change to a passing play. If a passing play looks to be breaking down, you can also get by in a fight as well. All the starting skills that are available on the varied players all have their uses. The way to get the best from Humans is to learn how to get the best out of each player and the skills they possess.


  • Fairly cheap
  • Lots of starting skills
  • Flexible Play-styles


  • Average stats


As of Season IV, the league has seen two human teams. The Red Sabres have been with the league since Season I, when they won the cup, and were twice semifinalists, in Seasons II and IV, before disbanding at the end of Season IV. The Iron Giants in Season II met with less success and were orphaned before the end of the regular season.

Free AgentsEdit

The following players are available as free agents:

Name                Position SPPs Abilities Injuries  
Darren Galaviz Catcher 6 Block
Kurt Axelrod Catcher 6 Block
Ralgon Zarlez Catcher 8 Block Broken Neck (-1 AG)
Rowe Oulle Catcher 48 Block, Sprint, Sure Feet
Dunk N. Edwyrd Catcher 8 Block
Ferr N.S. "Pudge" Kash Catcher 77 Block, +1 MA, Diving Catch, Fend, Sure Feet
Bry N.O. Dryskull Catcher 62 Block, Sidestep, Guard, +1 MA
Darren Dipalma Blitzer 16 Mighty Blow, +1 AG
Ted Seabury Blitzer 15 +1 AG
James Look Blitzer 7
Lonnie Ruggeri Blitzer 12 +1 AV
Sam B. Rotter Blitzer 8 Guard
Zyss O.Z. Dann Blitzer 27 Guard, Tackle Damaged Back (Niggling)
Hugh M. Lynn Blitzer 0
Merv N. Davis Blitzer 10 Guard
"Fat" Ronald Blitzer 51 Guard, Mighty Blow, +1 STR, Tackle
Fredo D. Stefani Blitzer 99 Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Dodge, Dauntless Serious Concussion (-1 AV)
Fred Johns Thrower 13
Javier Rockefeller Thrower 3 -1 STR
Karol P. Borsci Thrower 12 Hail Mary Pass
Fernand O.E. Arrow Thrower 81 Block, Accurate, Safe Throw, Strong Arm, Guard
"Mad" Max Saravia Lineman 16 Dirty Player, +1 AV
Clayton Zucco Lineman 7 +1 AV
A. "Hat" Rick Lineman 0
Rickard T. Punter Lineman 5 -1 STR
Rick S.T. Lee Lineman 7 Block
L.N. Rickman Lineman 15 Block
Sharp Richard Lineman 1
Rick E. Martin Lineman 1 Smashed Hip (-1 MV)
Trey C. Dikk Lineman 24 Block, +1 MA
Joe Nar Law Muu Ogre 21 Guard, Stand Firm Niggling Injury
Maggrat Ogre 1
Seb Sha Bal Ogre 33 Guard, +1 STR, Break Tackle -1 STR
Raf Ali Ban Ezz Ogre 5

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players are available to human teams.

Name Cost

Puggy Baconbreath


Helmut Wulf


The Mighty Zug


Zara the Slayer


Griff Oberwald


Morg 'n' Thorg


For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
"Big" Gunn Schonn 190,000
Galmen Goreblade 290,000
Gregor Meissen 170,000
Hoshi Komi 160,000
Jacob von Altdorf 170,000
Ritter von Baum 120,000
Siggi "The Boot" Schuster 90,000
Withergrasp Doubledrool 240,000
Ziggi Abschuss 130,000

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