Dwarfs were one of the first teams to play Blood Bowl, and as such were cheating long before most other teams had learned the rules.


Dwarf teams are probably the most resilient team in the game. Most of their team has very high armor and they have thick skulls which makes them harder to get off the pitch, even if you do manage to break their armor. They also start with some good skills, most the team has Block, they have a lot of Tackle, and the runners are good at picking up the ball. Dwarf teams also have the option of a Deathroller which is the strongest piece in the game, though it tends to get sent off by the referee quite a lot!

It isn't all good for Dwarfs though. Due to their diminutive stature, Dwarf teams are very slow. They are also rather average in the strength department compared to the other traditional bashing teams. To combat these weaknesses, it is important to position your players well (which is difficult when you can't actually do that with the AI) or you can quickly find yourself out of position or stranded in the wrong part of the pitch as faster teams run off. Dwarfs also benefit from sticking together to assist each other, also if you are close by each other should the ball come loose, you should have a lot of players nearby to try and recover it.


  • High armor
  • Thick Skull
  • Start with lots of Block and Tackle
  • Cheap Rerolls


  • Very slow
  • Lack good ball handlers


For Season II, BEERd joined the league, without any great success. Although they had one of the season's top rushing players in Elvish Blackbeard, the team bombed fairly consistently and failed to qualify for the playoffs, or even win the Crud! Cup.

Crooked Peak arrived in Season IV and have acquitted themselves rather better to date.

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following players are available as free agents to Dwarf teams:

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Airplane Whitebeard Blitzer 27 Guard, Mighty Blow
Eagle Whitebeard Blitzer 8 Guard
Elvish Blackbeard Runner 45 Fend, Pro, Block
Amazo Blackbeard Runner 10 Block
Chubs Blocker 6
Bigger-Bones Blocker 1
Flubs Blocker 9 Guard
Roundman Blocker 0
Big-Belly Blocker 2
Mohawk Redbeard Troll Slayer 12 Dodge -1 AV
Crazy Redbeard Troll Slayer 17
Bob the Construction Guy Deathroller 2
Flint Darkbeard Blocker 15 Diving Tackle
Rusty Alehammer Blocker 20 Guard, Mighty Blow -1 AV, -1 MV
Happy CTCT Blocker 11 Pro
Cheery Darkbeard Blocker 13 Guard -1 AG
Warpy Alehammer Blocker 10 Guard
Schmacky Alehammer Blocker 12 +1 STR
Floppy Alehammer Blocker 15 Guard
Jokey CTCT Blocker 24 Guard, Mighty Blow
Funny Darkbeard Blocker 1
Grabby CTCT Blocker 20 Guard, Mighty Blow
Frisky Darkbeard Deathroller 3
Stooge CTCT Runner 11 Dodge
Boomy Darkbeard Runner 43 Block, Fend, +1 AGI Niggling Injury
Waity "Da Boss" Darkbeard Runner 69 Kick off Return, Dodge, +1 Agi, Block Niggling Injury, Niggling Injury
Smarty Darkbeard Blitzer 11 Strip Ball
Slammy CTCT Blitzer 23 Strip Ball, Wrestle
Standy Alehammer Troll Slayer 11 Mighty Blow
Guardy CTCT Troll Slayer 17 Mighty Blow, Guard

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players are considered sufficiently bearded to be allowed to take the field with Dwarf teams.

Name Cost
Barik Farblast 60,000
Boomer Eziakson 60,000
Flint Churnblade 130,000
Grim Ironjaw 220,000
Zara the Slayer 270,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
"Pick" Seamsunder 360,000
Axebreaker Jones 200,000
Bardin Ironglove 240,000
Borg'th n'hthrog 320,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Granite Rivalblade 180,000
Grimwold Grimbreath 270,000
Stuka Schmidtt 130,000

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