The twisted, degenerate Dark Elf race is infamous for the worship of weird and deviant violence, and Blood Bowl fits into their religious beliefs very well indeed.[1]

Deadly rivals of the High Elves, Dark Elves have a particular dislike for their uppity cousins, as well as the rest of elf-kind, and, to be honest, all other living creatures.


Of the four available Elf teams, Dark Elves are perhaps the most challenging. They favor a running play over the passing play that the other Elves use and do not have any catchers. Unlike the others, though, they are the only one who have the ability to start with four Blitzers. Coupled with higher armor like the High Elves, this gives them the best ability of the four should a fight develop. They also have Witch Elves, who, while a bit fragile, come with Dodge, Frenzy, and Jump Up, which are great starting skills.

Dark Elves are the slowest of the four Elf teams and the lack of dedicated catchers, as mentioned, makes it harder to build a team really great at passing. Their players are also not exactly cheap, as is true of most Elven players. Some of their players can be tricky to use; the Assassins are unusual and Frenzy can get Witch Elves in trouble. The Dump-Off of Runners can off load the ball when hit, but do have low armor.


  • AG4 Blitzers
  • Witch Elves
  • Agile


  • Expensive
  • Some Low Armor Players


Dark Elf teams have an unhappy history in the GITP league. Despite some good performances, Dark Elf entrants in both Season I and Season III were abandoned shortly after the start of the season, so the league probably has yet to see a Dark Elf team achieve its full potential. As a result, the league has seen more Dark Elves than representatives of any other roster, mostly journeyman linemen.

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following players from Dark Elf teams are currently not on contract and are available as free agents.

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries

Rejj Ewaine

Blitzer -


Assassin's Assistant


Edrad "the Stepdad" Oril


19 Sidestep, Dodge Serious Concussion (-1 AV), Smashed Ankle (-1 MA)

Sebastian Janikillski

Assassin -

Khayne the Eternal Bloodwhisper

Witch Elf -

Lord Malyss the Thrice-Tormented

Witch Elf -

Witch Elf


Stryfe Witchblade the Xth

Lineman -

Xharian Foster

Lineman -


- Broken Neck (-1 AG), Smashed Collarbone (-1 STR), Smashed Knee (Niggling Injury)
Decoy 2




Bodyguard 2



Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to Dark Elf teams:

Name Cost
Horkon Heartripper 210,000
Eldril Sidewinder 200,000
Ithaca Benoin 220,000
Roxanna Darknail 250,000
Hubris Rakarth 260,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Asperon Thorn 210,000
Eoarn Harkon 180,000
Hawthorn Tullaris 270,000
Moravis Curfew 190,000
Odium Khan 200,000
Petro D'Arvill 120,000
Tuern Redvenom 160,000

  1. Blood Bowl Rulebook, p.48

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