Race Necromantic
Teams The Mistakes of Life

All-Stars III

Position Werewolf
Squad Number 01
Seasons Season III
Status Active
Level Star
SPPs -
Improvements -
Injuries Smashed Collarbone (-1 STR)
Awards Season III Offensive Rookie of the Year

In Week 6 of Season III, Amateratsu was named as the league's sexiest player.

From the Tomb Special FeatureEdit

Season III, Week 2:

This week we have a special treat. Amateratsu will be answering some reader mail. It was hard to get hold of her, but after losing some disposable interns she was quite amiable and acceded to our request.

Hello and welcome. My name is Amateratsu, star of the Mistakes of Life, Werewolf, lady and I’m here to answer some reader mail.

Anonymous Zombie: Brains. Brains. BRAAINS.

A : Yes, I’m sexy and intelligent. Thank you for noticing. It is always nice to be appreciated by fans.
Necromancer Admirer: I wonder, a proper lady like you, how did you turn into a Werewolf?

A: My, my. There are some things you don’t ask a lady. Her age. How many men she’s been with. If she’s fat. This is one such a question. You’ll just have to let your imagination run wild. Hmmm, I love running wild.
Fantasy Blood Bowl Fan: Any inside information of you team might dispense us fans?

A: I wasn’t expecting a Blood Bowl related question, I thought it was all going to be about me. Are you a spy? Well, there are some things I can tell you. The owner pampers me, which is perfectly fine. But my team mates are dull as hell. Zombies know only one word, ghouls are simple beasts, wights are monothematic and flesh golems don’t have the brain power to have a conversation. That is why I keep my wolf form with them, if I growl and howl instead of talk I’m in the same level as them.

Outraged human: You are a sin against life! You should die! There is no place in the Old World for you! You and all your team!

A: I know I’m breathtakingly beautiful. So much that some men may have extreme reactions. But you don’t mean it. You don’t want me out of the Old World. It would be a bleaker place without me. Also, I don’t know what my team has to do with it.

Well, there are other letters, but fan mail is getting dull and night is growing close. I think I’ll take a nice walk. Maybe I’ll find some fresh meat to bring home. Or a roaming skeleton. Good night and write better questions for next time.