Head coach of the Red Sabres and Anlec Reavers

League record-keeper.

Founder and admin of the wiki (as TheWyrm).

Will Aedilred return for Season VII?!

Consistent SuccessEdit

Aedilred is notable for maintaining ownership of the Red Sabres for longer than any other owner and their respective team.  At the time of this writing, Aedilred has directed the Sabres for four seasons.  His consistent guidance of the Sabres has also led to consistent success.  He won the Cup in Season I, and has never had a losing season.

Owner, Coach, MentorEdit

Due to his deep knowledge of blood bowl, and his extensive experience in the league, Aedilred has become one of the most respected coaches in the league.  Always eager to lend a hand, he is often the first to chime in with helpful advice for new coaches.  Answering questions, giving his own insight into the mysterious AI, and generally sharing his experience to help new teams grow and develop.  Prior to Season III, he wrote a guide for coaches who are new to the league, and he even gives sound advice to his opponents, a risky practice.

Aedilred's CurseEdit

Second of the league's infamous curses, Aedilred's Curse was born of early-season compulsive gambling in the Red Sabres' first season.  At first believed to be mere coincidence, in time the curse grew to be so strong that any team on which Aedilred placed a wager was practically doomed to defeat in their upcoming match.  Due to the expensive nature of deliberately utilizing this curse, rumors of it's exploitation are rare.